Matthew 25 Love Clinic

KBC Hospital and Matthew 25 Love Hospital are famous hospitals under the umbrella of the Karen Baptist Convention. Matthew 25 Love Hospital, which is located in Pathein township, run by Pathein Myaungmya Sgaw Kayin Baptist Association. It serves people who need health care not only from Pathein township area but also people from Irrawaddy villages. The hospital and association would like to thank our generous donors for $1,500.00. It was a great support for the hospital.

Matthew 25 has 5 doctors and 27 staff who dedicate themselves. It is not a big hospital, but within six months, they served 9,693 patients. They provide treatments such as surgery including C-section, appendicitis, cyst, Lipoma, hydrocele, hernia, phimosis, fibroids, and other services such as normal labour (viginal delivery) and ultrasound diagnosis. They also accept patients for dental care. They plan to extend the building because of the increasing number of patients who need health care. The hospital tries their best by the healing ministry to glorify God.

Staff at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Operation theater


Ward beds at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Examination Room at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Ward beds

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