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Lightning for Learning for the Orphans

For many years, Friends of Burma has facilitated interested organizations to help the people of Burma. Lightning For Learning is a group of concerned families, who have taken an interest in education, especially for orphans and residents of childcare centers. The Wu family has been active in fund raising for scholarships. We welcome others to give to this fund, which will enable people to assist worthy students in their university studies. Robert and Cynthia Wu (Lightning for Learning) at one of the child care centers. Lightning for Learning students Lightning for Learning students Naw Magnolia and Naw Freeda (student) Robert Wu, Saw Jason (nurse aide coordinator), Rev. Erville Porwy.

Distributing the Mosquito Nets at Dun Da Bet Church in Pet Tan village

An unedited report from one of our colleagues in Burma. It is no rain today. I go to Dun Da Bet Church to distribute mosquito nets. The church is beautiful. There are 275 members according to the record. We bring 36 nets with us. The road is narrow, muddy and slippery. Primary School. Rev. Mar No (Dun Da Bet Church) He helps me to distribute the nets. He is a strong man. This man has no house. He lives with his boss. Rev. Mar No does the distributing job where I can't go. But this one, I go with him. No one at home. They went to hospital. A baby was sick. We left a net. He came and took the net. There are three houses near this house. We asked them to pass the nets to the other families. She has three kids. I can't walk on this bamboo bridge. Please come and take it. She didn't say thank you. Rev. Mar No tells her "Say thank you", then she said. :) Rev. Mar No will continue distribut

Distributing Mosquito Nets in Po Ma Htaw Village

Report from a colleague in Burma: It is a sunny day. Me and my uncle went to Po Ma Htaw village to distribute the mosquito net by motorcycle. While it is difficult to get children for the people who are living in the city, the people who live in the villages have many kids. They don't have access to birth control. They are not afraid of poverty. The old lady who spends her whole life in a bamboo hut said "God bless you." She has six children. Still struggling for family. Can’t rely on her husband.  She receives two nets. I am not feeling well. I have no money to buy it but now I get it . Thank you so much. My younger brother and sister are playing with their friends. I am alone at home. Tonight we will sleep in our new net. She invites me in to the house but it is not easy to step in to . She said please say thank you to the donors. The head of  the village (U Tin Oo) helps me distributing the net. We di

A Thank You Letter from Community Health Care Training Center

Community Health Care Training (19) batch, Thamaing Mayangone (2) Township, Yangon Myanmar 15.6.2017 Dear Friends of Burma (Myanmar), On behalf of Community Health Care Training, Thamaing, I would like to thank you for your contribution of 21 copies of "Where there is no doctor." Because of your generous donation, we will be able to send thank you very much for your generosity. Again, we thank you for your generosity and look forward to working with you again next year. May God be with you and in your ministries and May the God Lord Bless and keep you Always. "Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever." Psalm 119:1 Sincerely, [SIGNED] Director Community Health Care Training, Thamaing