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An email from Karen Baptist Convention Hospital

Note: the email has not been edited. May I tell you about God Heals our patients Saw Htoo Plaw and Mg Thet Paing. It is amazing for all of us. God is good all time! Saw Htoo Plaw before surgery Saw Htoo Plaw after surgery The first patient is Saw Htoo Plaw (pics above), A case of Ameloblastoma Jaw from the disease for 20 years ago. The tumour was growing bigger and bigger. But the patient is poor and desperate. But God can do everything which is impossible. The patient came to KBC hospital and through the KBC hospital doctors and professors of dental college, the maxillofacial surgical team of YGH and maxillofacial surgical team of Japan the patient was operated. The operation took 19 hours to complete the operation including bone grafting, steel plating. Now the patient is recover and doing very well. Maung Thet Paing  The second patient is Mg Thet Paing, A case of imperforated anus. Now he was 10years, with the colostomy, he cannot continue his schooling. But thro

Bago Yoma Trip Report 2014

by Saw Russ Kadoe Hello Everyone, I wrote this report three days after coming back from the Bago Yoma trip. There were ten people on the trip including three pastors from Tharawady Mission Association, one lady from the Karen Environmental Caring Organization, Kyaw Htet Lynn, who is the cameraman, Hay Thar, my uncle, my father, my wife, and myself. We rode the Bago Yoma’s mini-truck offered by Dr. Hanson Chen during the trip. Sin Zwe Village Sin Zwe Village, one of the villages in Bago Yoma, is the mission field included under Tharawady Mission Association. We traveled by car, by boat, by cart, and on foot to get to the village. It took over six hours from Tharawady Township to Sin Zwe Village. It was a tedious and time consuming journey because of the mountainous and rugged land. In the rainy season, it would be very hard to travel because of the mud everywhere. It makes the business and traveling hard during this time. The roads are just not good enough to maneuver duri