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Updates on Burma (Myanmar)

We are monitoring updates on Burma (Myanmar), and people demonstrating against the military take-over of the country. We are in contact with our mission colleagues. The Christian leaders in Burma are doing their best as they always did during the previous successive military regimes. History is repeating itself for those of us who lived through 1988. The language and tone of the current State Administration Council sounds like the generals back in the 80s, ready to repress any dissenting voices.  The only difference then and now is this generation is equipped with mobile phones with Internet access, and has been exposed to relative freedom in the last decade since the country opened its doors after 2010. They know that their generation didn't have to pay exorbitant fees to buy a mobile phone number unlike those in the 80s and 90s, when people paid Kyats 2,500,000 (US$ 2,000) for a SIM card. Their demonstration techniques are more sophisticated with humor and witty messages to let t