Dr. Chit Maung Library

The library users of Dr. Chit Maung Library

Dr. Chit Maung Library was established in July, 1997, supported by FOB. By the grace of God we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary next year 2017.

It is located in Insein, a suburban area of Yangon. As a growing organization we can expand our programs not only for library services, but also other services such as English learning center for children, fitness center and internet service center. We provide free internet service but collect reasonable fees for English classes and fitness. The income from those services support our organization to be self sustainable. And the whole community gains from it.

The English learning center is the most successful program of Dr. Chit Maung Library. We offer regular English classes and preparation classes for the international English test which is held by Cambridge University.

English class

Most of the library users are students and their parents  from Dr. Chit Maung Library English learning center.We do not have as many users from the community like previous years. When we opened the Dr. Chit Maung Library in 1997, we had a lot of library users from the community. We have had so many changes but this  is a big change which is related to the organization. Our mission statement is to provide information and knowledge through reading to the community. And learning English is one of our goals under our mission statement. We can not say that we lost our mission because we still have library users and the the organization is still growing. But the type of the library users are totally changed. Now our library looks like a school library more than a  community library. If you have any suggestions for these changes, please email to Anna Barbara Maung at "anna.maung64@gmail.com". We really appreciate your advice.

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