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Distributing Mosquito Nets in Ye Baw Thet Village and Lel Byin Su Village

As told by our friend in Burma: Ye Baw Thet village is in Hmawbi township. The church was founded in 1918. Rev. Thein Oo is the Pastor, and the church has about 170 members according to the record. Unlike the other villages, the villagers live separately in their own paddy fields, but they come to church on Sundays. The village has no electricity. In raining season water is everywhere. They have to build a bamboo bridge to go place to place. Most of the villagers work in the fields. I went there with my brother-in-law. He was happy to help me. First, I brought 30 nets, but when I knew they were going to host visitors in the coming summer youth conference, I added 20 more to give them. Because it was a wet land, it was a heaven for mosquitoes. As soon as we were home my brother took 20 nets, and went back to the village again. It was about 30-minutes drive.  The Pastor was away. His wife and the leader of the women group helped me distributing

Mosquito Nets Distribution in Flooded Areas in Burma

Friends of Burma distributed 220 mosquito nets to Mon Baptist Convention and Karen Baptist Convention with the help of Myanmar Baptist Convention. Karen Baptist Convention Kyite Ma Yaw (Karen Baptist Convention): 30 mosquito nets Kya Inn Seik Kyi: 50 mosquito nets Hpa An: 100 mosquito nets Mon Baptist Convention Ye: 40 mosquito nets