Sunday, September 25, 2016

Future Shining Stars

Naw Kyi Pya, one of the orphans from Hpu Saw Bu Orphanage, graduated from high school in June 2016, and prepares for the enrollment of University. Saw Michael and Saw Aung Phyo Min are in senior high school this year, and they try very hard studying. They also give their helping little hands by doing cleaning, painting, and other chores as needed at the shelter. But we are very sorry for Saw Lwe Htoo and Naw Blue May Paw, who left the shelter without finishing High School.

Hpu Saw BU orphanage is organized by KBC and sponsored by FOB. It is located in Myaungmya, Delta. This year the center organized livestock breeding, raising some pigs and 500 chickens. They also plan to breed eels and now have started digging pond to put eel. Livestock breeding is not only earning some money to support some of their expense but also organizing orphans to participate work together and learn about teamwork.

Saw Michael (Hpu Saw Bu Childcare Center)

Chicken breeding (Hpu Saw Bu Childcare Center)

Chicken breeding (Hpu Saw Bu Childcare Center)

Digging a pond to breed eels (Hpu Saw Bu Childcare Center)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Eden Childcare Center

We will move out! New Eden orphanage center plans to move from a rural area to an Urban area near Hinthada Association compound coming 2017. They are currently located in a small village near Kaw Thar Baptist Church, Mandalaygone. Lacking of transportation to and from school is making them move out to a better place for their  future education. Naw Htay Lar Saung, Care and Counselling director, said, "Children are organized under the leadership of their caregivers. They are doing well and also help in growing vegetables to save their kitchen expenses. Even though we have only 2 staff to take care of 18 children, we are blessed by members from Kaw Thar Baptist church who always help us by taking care of children." We will miss you Kaw Thar Baptist Church!

Staff and kids from New Eden Child Care Center

Maung San Ko Ko cutting dry wood

Working on the weekends

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mystery of Music

FOB got a letter from Saw Lah Eh Shee, from Ko Tha Byu Baptist seminary, currently studying music at Silliman University in Philippines. He is sponsored by FOB. Saw expressed his heartfelt thanks to FOB for giving him a great opportunity to expand his knowledge abroad. He said, “Burma is in the dark age of Music and most people do not understand the value of Music.” He promised that he will try his best upgrading his knowledge and skills. After graduation he is going back to his country to distribute his musical knowledge to students from Ko Tha Byu, churches and christian community across the country. Let’s brighten our  our christian life through MUSIC!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Matthew 25 Love Clinic

KBC Hospital and Matthew 25 Love Hospital are famous hospitals under the umbrella of the Karen Baptist Convention. Matthew 25 Love Hospital, which is located in Pathein township, run by Pathein Myaungmya Sgaw Kayin Baptist Association. It serves people who need health care not only from Pathein township area but also people from Irrawaddy villages. The hospital and association would like to thank our generous donors for $1,500.00. It was a great support for the hospital.

Matthew 25 has 5 doctors and 27 staff who dedicate themselves. It is not a big hospital, but within six months, they served 9,693 patients. They provide treatments such as surgery including C-section, appendicitis, cyst, Lipoma, hydrocele, hernia, phimosis, fibroids, and other services such as normal labour (viginal delivery) and ultrasound diagnosis. They also accept patients for dental care. They plan to extend the building because of the increasing number of patients who need health care. The hospital tries their best by the healing ministry to glorify God.

Staff at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Operation theater


Ward beds at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Examination Room at Matthew 25 Love Clinic

Ward beds

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dr. Chit Maung Library

The library users of Dr. Chit Maung Library

Dr. Chit Maung Library was established in July, 1997, supported by FOB. By the grace of God we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary next year 2017.

It is located in Insein, a suburban area of Yangon. As a growing organization we can expand our programs not only for library services, but also other services such as English learning center for children, fitness center and internet service center. We provide free internet service but collect reasonable fees for English classes and fitness. The income from those services support our organization to be self sustainable. And the whole community gains from it.

The English learning center is the most successful program of Dr. Chit Maung Library. We offer regular English classes and preparation classes for the international English test which is held by Cambridge University.

English class

Most of the library users are students and their parents  from Dr. Chit Maung Library English learning center.We do not have as many users from the community like previous years. When we opened the Dr. Chit Maung Library in 1997, we had a lot of library users from the community. We have had so many changes but this  is a big change which is related to the organization. Our mission statement is to provide information and knowledge through reading to the community. And learning English is one of our goals under our mission statement. We can not say that we lost our mission because we still have library users and the the organization is still growing. But the type of the library users are totally changed. Now our library looks like a school library more than a  community library. If you have any suggestions for these changes, please email to Anna Barbara Maung at "". We really appreciate your advice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Letter from Tansy

After nine years, I received the opportunity to visit my family in Burma. My husband, Adam, and our kids, Zoe and Zachary, flew to Burma on June 11. The trip was sweet in that I got to see my relatives. I am taking two online summer classes and as a result was kept quite busy. Nevertheless, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Karen Baptist (KBC) Hospital and Dr. Chit Maung Library a few times.

KBC Hospital continues to strive in its healing ministries. The hospital is crowded and operating at greater than the maximum capacity. Patients near and far rely on the hospital for affordable care. Most notably, the new elevator stood tall transporting patients up and down comfortably and most important of all, safely.  The hospital repeated to me how thankful they are to the donors.  I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the new medical superintendent, Dr. Maureen, who is committed to the continuous improvement of the hospital care.

Pregnant women waiting for clinic visit, KBC Hospital

Lined up for care in KBC Hospital

While the commitment is commendable, one can’t help but take notes of a myriad of needs at the hospital. Many specialists complain that the hospital needs to upgrade their equipment or they may stop coming. When the new x-ray machine recently arrived, paid with 20% down payment, the staff sighed with relief. Still, there are other inexhaustible needs, such as a light-emitting diodes (LED) phototherapy for newborns with hyperbilirubinemia, new anesthesia machine for operation, just to name a few.

I would also like to share with you about the Dr. Chit Maung Library. I observed English classes taught by three dedicated and qualified teachers and was extremely impressed. In particular, I was impressed with the commitment of the parents who invest in their children, time and money.  Some travel from a far distance to come to the library. Dr. Chit Maung Library is evolving toward more of a learning center, as the community requests more affordable education opportunities. As students and their parents demand higher education more than ever before, Dr. Chit Maung Library and its very qualified staff are meeting the learning needs of the community.  At this time, the library is considering expanding more classes conducive to the new, vibrant atmosphere ripe for transformation in the country.
English class at Dr. Chit Maung Library

We thank all supporters of the ministries of Friends of Burma. You make a difference, a big, big difference. God bless.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Naw Hser Hser Eh

My name is New Hser Hser Eh and I am 27 years old and single. My native village is Zee Pyu Gone in Ayeyarwaddy Division. I came to Yangon after I passed my matriculation and I served as a supporting staff at Lydia Mini Store at Zoe Center. After I had graduated from Yangon University, I wanted to apply job abroad. So I joined a training to be a waitress at hotel. As I am the youngest daughter among my siblings, my family did not agree with me on that job. When I shared my plan to teacher Paw Gaw and she asked me about my interest apart from being a waitress abroad. Then I replied that I wanted to learn the art of beauty salon such as hair and nail dressing, hair cutting and also make-up art. Then she sent me to one month training on hair cutting and dressing and second time a short course on hair dressing training at MBC Women Department. Moreover I’m also always finding out the information from internet and downloaded them and practiced them. Therefore I became more confidence in hair dressing.

After that I tried to organize a group of microfinance and took loan from teacher Paw Gaw through Friends of Burma. In 2012 I could buy a hair washing bed, a chair and other necessary items which are more useful for a salon. As our group requested more loan for extension of our salon, we received second loan and with our own money we bought 3 beds and some materials for salon.

By the grace of God after Franc Auditorium was finished, our women association got a room for salon and officially we got a place for salon. We named it Stara Beauty Salon which means Esther Beauty Salon and started to open on 19th August, 2015.

Now I have 2 staffs who are still learning and willing to be permanent staff for Stara salon. Now our monthly income is $250-300 and from it we can give salary, electric bill and pay back part of our loan. A certain amount is kept for the needs for salon service. We get more customers day by day and I have planned to learn more skills so that we can provide more services.

Now my family members are proud of my accomplishment and I’m also enjoying my work. I’m sure that my work is not merely a business it is also a social gospel. I can provide my service which I enjoy and at the same time get pay.  I can also train the young ladies who could not afford to join the salon training.  Because I have an income, I can also contribute to our women organization.  I could manage my work as I want to create and therefore I feel so empowered by this learning process and experiences.

I thank God for giving me this great opportunity through Friends of Burma. Thank you for the board of FOB for sharing my dream and make me to be a purposeful lady, resourceful staff at Zoƫ and especially to be a co-worker of God in His mission.