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Report from Naw Paw Gaw

We received a report from Naw Paw Gaw , one of our colleagues in Burma.

Distributing Mosquito Nets in Bay Gone Village

Here is another report from Saw Russ Kadoe , our colleague in Burma about the distribution of mosquito nets in Bay Gone village.

Distributing Mosquito Nets in Dike Yar village

Our colleague in Burma, Russ Kadoe, distributed mosquito nets in Dike Yar Village.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

We were saddened by the death of one of our long-time supporter, Rev. Llewellyn “Lew” Murdock , who made possible the printing of hundreds of commentaries, the use of dozens of guitars and keyboards for theological seminaries, the scholarship of dozens of students, both secular, medical, and seminarians. We also had reports of flooding in Burma and the ongoing relief work in the delta area. Our founder, Neil Sowards, wrote how he felt called by God to start Friends of Burma based on the experience from his first trip to Burma. We had an orphanage report from Karen Baptist Convention. Read more here .

Flooding in Burma

Dear Friends, There was significant flooding in Myanmar (also known as Burma) in July through September 2015. Many families lost their loved ones, their homes and little possessions they have. We urge you on behalf of these flooding victims to help them rebuild their livelihood. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated to deliver much needed help. Money for this project can be sent to Friends of Burma, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. FOB will administer the project with no charge for overhead or salaries. Therefore 100% of the money will be used for the stated project.

Ruth Norma Peterson

We are sad to announce the passing of Dr. Ruth Peterson, one of our dedicated board members. From her obituary : Born: March 11, 1936 Died: September 12, 2015 Ruth Norma Peterson, 79, of DeKalb, Illinois, passed away at home surrounded by family Saturday, September 12, 2015. She preached her last sermon on August 2 as she and her husband, John Gordon Peterson, completed their eighth interim pastoral ministry following 38 years together in campus ministry at Northern Illinois University and two at the University of Illinois, Champaign. Ruth received her undergraduate degree at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota and her Master of Religious Education and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, where she was the longest-serving member of the board of trustees. She served at all levels in the American Baptist Women's Ministries and in a variety of positions on the General Board of American Baptist Churches, US

Karen Baptist Convention Hospital Brief Report

KBC Hospital has sent us a brief letter with some photos on recent activities .

Thank you letters from our friends in Myanmar

Mon Baptist Theological Seminary Hpu Hsan Paw Bible School Hpu Hsan Paw Bible School Hpu Hsan Paw Bible School The Agape Orphanage Project The Agape Orphanage Project

Child Care Centers

Children from Kwe Lwe Child Care Center in Pathein (Bassein) Girls playing games in school uniforms (one of our supporters donated the cost of each uniform) Pam leading song with children Guitars and violins are useful gifts. Without the gift of a guitar, this young orphan would have littler opportunity to develop his musical talent. David Horton (our emeritus board member) at Kwe Lwe Child Care Center in Pathein (Bassein)

Domestic Skills School in Pathein

Village girls come to this school to learn domestic skills such as weaving, sewing, and making clothes and bags. The goal is to give them skills so they can earn money. A lot of the weaving in Burma is still done on hand looms. Many of the ethnic costumes are still made by hand on a simple loom. The school has 20 students for a two year course. The director of the schools teaches the students the skills they need. Using a machine made from bicycle parts, this student is winding thread on to a spindle which is then used on a weaving machine. The students also learn to use a sewing machine and make ethnic clothes for various ethnic groups. This student is using a manual knitting machine given by an American Sunday School class. Since the municipal power is unreliable, candles are essential. Candle making is proving to be a valuable cottage industry.

A small contribution to an Indian family

Naw Paw Gaw, one of our colleagues in Burma, wrote us how our small contribution helped a poor Indian family in Yangon. Read her letter and see the photos here .

Elevator at Karen Baptist Convention Hospital

Friends of Burma channeled some generous donors' contributions to the cost of an elevator at the Karen Baptist Convention Hospital. Here are some photos and a short video that the hospital sent us.

Reports from Burma

These are reports we recently got from Burma. Note that they are un-edited and as it was sent to us by our friends in Burma. Please bear with the English :) 1) The activities of Friends of Burma in Bago Yoma Hills There are many villages in the Bago Yoma hill. It is very difficult to go to some villages for there are no roads. Especially in raining season. Feet are major for traveling.   People are isolated for town and left behind from current civilization and situation. Some can’t even speak Burmese and never been to nearest town until now. They use to earn their life by cultivating, raising animals. They use bamboo and some woods to build their house. ..... Read more here . 2) Friends of Burma contributed to the cost of a truck. ..... Actually the truck was used for health care , mission trips, gospel trips, and social welfares for Thayawady association. The villages located in west Bago Yoma mountain range are the mission fields of Thayawady association. .... The truck carri