Mission Campaign - Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College

From Mary Wood:

I want to begin this report by saying that as students provided this first report of mission campaign to me all I did was cry. Their mission campaign during the month of December is humbling to me. The amount of care and compassion that they provided to 13 villages amazes me beyond belief. During their travels, they managed to travel by truck, foot, boat and tractor. What 75 dollars can do in one month for a group of traveling students to Karen State in Myanmar only God can fathom.

If you ever wondered how you can do ministry from your life in USA, consider giving 75 dollars to a mission campaign group this Christmas during sweet December. Your money will send students to do the work you want to do but you will not ever be able to do for yourself. The students will do, in their capacity, the work of God in your place. Their love is packed full of determination and commitment to do the will of God with a smile and a greeting. These students go into places in Burma where you may not be able to go, but the students will go often at great risks to themselves and their health, and they go with deep ability to love others as Jesus commanded us to do as Christians.

Tablut (thank you) for your constant faith in the Karen people. Thank you for your generous giving. Thank you for supporting ministry inside the jungle in very remote places that still wait to receive the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your giving to the Mission Campaign of Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College.

With Love and Admiration from Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College,

Thramu Doh Mary Wood

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