From Nay Tar Mu, a teacher at Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College on the Thai-Burma border

I was so privileged to participate in the FOB annual meeting last Saturday. It was wonderful meeting with God's children who love and care for the ministry of God in Myanmar and along the Thai- Myanmar boarder. I was in awe seeing the love, sacrifice, time, knowledge and financial support they have shared with the people there. I was so touched by their work. Personally, I am also supported by FOB as I study Doctor of Ministry at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. I am thankful for their help and support. I see Jesus in each of the people, who has a big heart that beats tenderly for me and for the needs of the people there. I believe the blessings you share to the less fortunate will bear fruits and grow day by day. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and for others. God bless FOB! ~ Nay Tar Mu, Teacher (Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College – KKBBSC)

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