Domestic Skills School in Pathein

Village girls come to this school to learn domestic skills such as weaving, sewing, and making clothes and bags. The goal is to give them skills so they can earn money.


A lot of the weaving in Burma is still done on hand looms. Many of the ethnic costumes are still made by hand on a simple loom.

The school has 20 students for a two year course. The director of the schools teaches the students the skills they need.

Using a machine made from bicycle parts, this student is winding thread on to a spindle which is then used on a weaving machine.

The students also learn to use a sewing machine and make ethnic clothes for various ethnic groups.

This student is using a manual knitting machine given by an American Sunday School class.

Since the municipal power is unreliable, candles are essential. Candle making is proving to be a valuable cottage industry.

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