An email from Karen Baptist Convention Hospital

Note: the email has not been edited.

May I tell you about God Heals our patients Saw Htoo Plaw and Mg Thet Paing. It is amazing for all of us. God is good all time!

Saw Htoo Plaw before surgery

Saw Htoo Plaw after surgery
The first patient is Saw Htoo Plaw (pics above), A case of Ameloblastoma Jaw from the disease for 20 years ago. The tumour was growing bigger and bigger. But the patient is poor and desperate. But God can do everything which is impossible. The patient came to KBC hospital and through the KBC hospital doctors and professors of dental college, the maxillofacial surgical team of YGH and maxillofacial surgical team of Japan the patient was operated. The operation took 19 hours to complete the operation including bone grafting, steel plating. Now the patient is recover and doing very well.

Maung Thet Paing
 The second patient is Mg Thet Paing, A case of imperforated anus. Now he was 10years, with the colostomy, he cannot continue his schooling. But through the Global image care group was sent him to Korea for reconstructive surgery. Now the boy was recovered and doing very well and continue his schooling.

We all are praise the Lord for God healing grace. We also thanks all of our colleagues who donate them and prayer for them. We deeply appreciate all of our friend who love the poor , the needy, the sick and the desperate people. We pray that God will shower upon you all with His choicest blessing.

Thanks again and best regards,

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